Wanna See What a 495-Foot Home Run Looks Like?

Damn it, Ronald, you've done it again. These last three games of the season are pretty meaningless for a Braves team which has already clinched the NL East and is pretty well locked into the No. 2 seed, but somebody forgot to tell Ronald Acuña that because he's still out here launching 495-foot piss missiles.

Seemingly every night he does something that nobody has ever seen before.

There's nothing really left I can say about this kid, because he always blows away any expectations anyone could possibly put on him. And I don't know what the MLB record for leadoff home runs is, but I know if Ronnie stays in that spot in the lineup for most of his career, he's going to obliterate it.

I just love him so much. I can't wait to beat the hell out of the Red Sox for a few days and get to the baseball that counts because this team has some business to take care of. And when the top of your lineup includes Acuña, Freddie Freeman and Marcell Ozuna, you can go as far in the Postseason as those guys are willing to take you.

And just for added measure, look at the beautiful bat flip.

I love Ronnie so, so much.

Anyway, your favorite player will never be as cool as Ronald Acuña and he's going to be hitting dongs like that one for the next decade and a half. Chop On.