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Turkish Soccer Star's Wife Allegedly Hired A Hitman To Kill Him After He Filed For Divorce

POST - Turkish football WAG Yagmur Asik has been accused of plotting to have her husband murdered by a $1.2 million hitman, according to reports.

Yagmur, 27, married ex-Turkey international Emre Asik in 2012, with the couple since having three children together. But after Yagmur was accused of having an affair, Asik, 46, began the process of filing for divorce.

Turkish paper Hurriyet, however, claims Yagmur subsequently decided to have her husband murdered.

Some might say allegedly hiring a hitman to murder your husband is a bit of an extreme reaction to divorce. While no one (well mostly) steps into a marriage with the hope of one day parting ways, things change, people change, mistakes are made, and sometimes the only practical solution is to throw the towel in.

Unless of course you take your marriage vows very seriously. Not the "to love and to cherish" part, to be clear, but the line that states death is the only way out. Maybe when Yagmur said "till death do us part" won her wedding day, she meant it. So much so, in fact, that she allegedly tried to coerce her lover into doing the deed himself. 

In documents claimed to have been taken from the public prosecutor’s office, Yagmur’s lover Erdi Sungur alleges that she initially tried to get him to commit the killing — before instead turning to a paid assassin.

“Once she brought me a piece of meat. She wanted me to shoot the meat. I did attempt to shoot, but I squinted. ‘You can’t do it,’ she yelled angrily.”

After being confronted over not being able to carry out the crime himself, Sungur is alleged to have contacted the contract killer.

This fucking guy. First, he's sleeping with a woman he knows is married. Then he attempts to see if he has the nerve to actually shoot someone, and when he doesn't, he finds a trained assassin to carry out the job. Yet… now he's playing the victim and seeking sympathy because she yelled at him?!! What a piece of work. If this horrible story is proven to be true, Sungur and Yagmur deserve each other. 

The documents claim Yagmur provided a weapon for the assassin and even tried to assist in finding a way to dispose of the body.

Now, I'm not super familiar with how the whole assassin thing works, but I'm fairly certain a true hitman wouldn't ask you to provide the weapon or to help hide the body. I would imagine they have their own equipment and are quite meticulous with their execution because they're professionals and the last thing they need is some random idiot screwing shit up and leaving behind a trail of evidence.

But, again, I'm no expert on assassin protocols.

But before the murder could take place, the contract killer blew the plan by having a change of heart and revealing everything to Asik.

Boy I'll tell ya, Yagmur may never trust another human being for the rest of her life. Not only did her lover throw her under the bus, but the man she hired (allegedly) for $1.2 million to kill her husband went straight to her husband, not to get rid of him, but to reveal what his wife was plotting against him. Tough. 

Yagmur and Sungur now find themselves in custody awaiting trial for attempted murder.

 Who would've thought an evil plot to kill your husband wouldn't end well. Allegedly.