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Da'Vonne Gets Played - Big Brother Week 7 Power Rankings

My goodness. Just when we thought this season couldn't give us more chalk, we get tons of chalk. The biggest storyline from this week in the Big Brother house was all about Da'Vonne/Nicole/David in terms of last week's vote. David voted to keep Ian, Nicole did not, and then with some help from Dani, that got Da'Vonne really pissed at David to ruin their in-game relationship. Well played by them? Yes. But boring for the viewers, as The Committee alliance continues to run the table. Luckily, next week we get the first ever TRIPLE(!) Eviction. That may be production's cue of saying "f**k it" with this season. Who knows. Below is a brief recap of this week and another set of power rankings:

Week 7 HoH: Memphis

Pre-Veto Noms: Da'Vonne and Kevin

Veto: Tyler (not used)

Post-Veto Noms: Da'Vonne and Kevin

Evicted: Da'Vonne (5-2 vote)

Week 8 HoH: ????? NO SPOILERS!

Week 7 Power Rankings

9. David - Despite being in our last place spot pretty much every week, I actually felt a bit bad for David after what went down this week. He told the truth when it came to the Ian vote, but Da'Vonne wouldn't believe it. Things obviously didn't work out for her, as she is juror No. 2. As for David, he needs a HoH win ASAP.

8. Kevin - Take a shot every time Kevin survives the block. He did it once again, but still has zero momentum when it comes to having a chance to win this game. He continues to just be a "number" for The Committee alliance.

7. Nicole - If she makes it to Finale Night once again, I wouldn't expect her to get Da'Vonne's vote. Da'Vonne said she had issues with Nicole's lies in her interview with Julie. However, the biggest cause for concern for the former winner is that parts of her alliance sniffed out that she was planning some side deals with the outsiders. When The Committee has to start turning on each other, look for her name to get thrown around.

6. Dani - Similar to Nicole, it was Dani who helped orchestrate the David/Da'Vonne betrayal. Props to her, as the plan worked out perfectly. However, her and Nicole are starting to be viewed more as a duo day by day. And duos become targets very quickly.

5. Memphis - Memphis just does not seem like a nice person. He is always giving orders to people, and some are starting to get fed up with it. But at least he's making moves. With a pair of HoH's in the bag, it'll be interesting to see what happens when the numbers continue to dwindle.

4. Tyler - The comp beast picked up another win this week, securing the veto and eliminating Memphis' ultimate goal of backdooring David. His Final Two deal with Christmas is his best shot to get to the end. Will they stay loyal to each other?

3. Christmas - It was a relatively quiet week for Christmas, but she did a great job talking to David and sniffing out the fact that he was upset over Nicole/Dani pinning him for the questioned vote. She has the aforementioned Final Two deal with Tyler, and is now part of one of the "Wise Guys" alliances with Memphis and Enzo. Christmas has plenty of options as we begin to come down the stretch.

2. Cody - Speaking of the new "Wise Guys" alliances, Cody is in a great spot as well. He is close with pretty much everyone left in the house, but as a former runner up, could certainly be viewed as dangerous, too. He's shown in the past that he is loyal. Will that get him to the end once again?

1. Enzo - The Meow Meow takes the top spot once again. He's got deals with tons of people, and everybody likes him. The fact that he has not even been discussed as a target, despite being on the outside of The Committee alliance, is really, really impressive.

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16th - Keesha

15th - Nicole A.

14th - Janelle

13th - Kaysar

12th - Bayleigh

11th - Ian (Jury Member #1)

10th - Da'Vonne (Jury Member #2)

Disclaimer: Keep in mind these Big Brother blogs will ALWAYS be spoiler-free. I realize a lot of you watch the feeds and like to know winners/noms before the episodes air, but I won't give away any of that on here.