White Sox vs. Cubs "Please God Don't Get Swept" Live Blog Is LIVE!!!

I don't give a fuck what anyone says, these two teams are rivals. There will always be the camp that says, "THEY'RE NOT RIVALS BECAUSE THEY'RE IN DIFFERENT LEAGUES AND DIVISIONS!!!" Those people DIE on that hill too and love to rabble about it:

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But fuck that. These two teams and fanbases fucking hate each other. Different league or not, they compete for eyeballs, money, free agents, players, attendance, and a shit load of other things. Just because they only play 4-6 games a year against each other doesn't mean they're not rivals in other realms, and this season ending series is HUGE for both teams.

Sox have lost 5 straight and 6 of 7. Totally blew it this last week. The Cubs are in a similar boat, having lost 3 in a row to the worst team in baseball, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Each team stinks right now and each team needs to not stink to win this last series heading into the post season. 

Cease vs. Darvish tomorrow. SHIT on that motherfucker. End any chance of him winning the Cy Young whatsoever. Take 2 of 3, go beat the fuck out of those cocky Yankee fuckwads, and let's watch Carl's hair grow down to his asshole.

Live blog is LIVE!!!