A Timberwolves Player Is Skipping Voluntary Workouts For The Greatest Reason Ever - To Film A Movie With Adam Sandler

[Star Tribune] - Timberwolves forward Juancho Hernangomez won’t be present at the team’s voluntary group workouts the next two weeks. But Hernangomez isn’t injured, nor he is staying away because he’s a restricted free agent. Instead, he’s filming a movie.

Hernangomez isn’t doing some obscure independent movie, either. A team spokesperson said Hernangomez is filming Adam Sandler’s latest project in Philadelphia. Netflix is producing the film, called “Hustle." It revolves around a basketball scout who searches for talent overseas. Hernangomez is from Spain. Lakers forward LeBron James is also listed as a producer on the movie. 

All things considered filming a movie with Adam Sandler as an excuse to miss anything is a top-1 excuse. Sandler is the absolute best out there. Sandler is an icon and a legend. Meanwhile you're Juancho Hernangomez and somehow you get the call to come play a role in a Sandler movie? I need to know exactly how this happened. Out of all the Spanish basketball players, all the international basketball players, you go with Juancho? Maybe Sandler saw this dance and loved him? 

Even though LeBron is on the ticket here too, I'm going to 100% watch this movie. It sounds a little bit like The Air Up There, which is a wildly underrated movie. Never forget the Jimmy Dolan shake and bake: 

Could you imagine the run during this movie too? Remember, Sandler can fucking play

What a fucking break to get to skip workouts for this.