Gotta Love Mike Malone Making Fun Of LeBron And The Lakers Complaining To The NBA About Free Throws After The Nuggets Got Fucked In Game 4

You may remember this little story from yesterday morning: 

Well, what do you think happened in game 4 after this? 

LeBron and Anthony Davis combined had more free throws than the Nuggets. It was brutal. It couldn't have been more obvious the NBA and the refs listened to the Lakers bitching and moaning and overcompensated. Remember the foul call when Anthony Davis rolled his ankle? (I tried to find video, but I can't find any out there). They called a foul on Milsap for stepping under Davis like Zaza used to do. Well guess what? He had his back to him and walking away from Davis while Davis jumped forward and landed on Milsap. That's not a foul. 

Even Murray dropped lines about how much bullshit it is

"Respectfully, obviously, they're trying to do their job," Murray said when asked what kind of feedback he got back from the officials. "I mean, I did get fouled on a few. We could see the replay clearly. The same thing when [Utah Jazz's] Rudy Gobert fouled me when we lost Game 4 [in the first round]. … My team shows respect any time you talk to them."

Love Mike Malone calling out the Lakers and the NBA. This Nuggets team is too damn fun for this not to go more games. I need to see Jamal Murray keep doing shit like this 


Still a fucking insane finish.