Flashback Friday: 20 Years Ago Today Vince Carter Had The Greatest Dunk Ever And Ended Frederic Weis' Career Before It Even Started

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Twenty years ago today and it's still the greatest dunk of all time. The dude legit ended Frederic Weis' career more than getting drafted by the Knicks did. This was even when the Knicks were good! If you can remember 20 years ago, you remember the Knicks were coming off of a trip to the NBA Finals. Sure, they were the 8 seed but it was the shortened season and they beat the Heat, Hawks and Pacers before Pop and Duncan started a dynasty against them. 

But then you can say the moment the Knicks franchise turned forever happened. All of us wanted Ron Artest. He was the local kid. He went to St. John's. He wanted to be a Knick. He was sitting right there. So what happened in the 1999 NBA Draft? 

God. Damnit. One pick! It's always one pick! But even more than that, fast forward to September 25, 2000 and Frederic Weis' career ended. Vince Carter dunked literally over a 7'2" man live on television. The entire world saw it. And if you didn't see it live, or even if you did, you immediately went to Limewire or Kazaa (the good ole days) and downloaded it along with some porn. You reacted like Kevin Garnett, which is by far the 2nd best part of this whole play. 

But here we are, 20 years later and the Knicks are still drafting French dudes that don't really work out and Vince Carter is still so goddamn cool. Still the greatest dunk of all time and I don't know if it'll ever get topped.