Wake Up With Alex Gordon Almost Pulling Off The Greatest World Series Game 7 Tying Play Ever

In honor of Alex Gordon announcing that he was going to retire at the end of the season, I thought it was right we send him out with this bad boy. This was one of the most exciting single plays in a World Series that I have ever seen. I mean this is how you draw it up in the backyard as a kid. Game 7, bottom 9, down 1, 2 ours, you're up. Gordon laces a ball that drops into left center. Center fielder doesn't really know how to play it and this baby is rolling. Ball gets to the wall as Gordon gets to second, and the ball just continues to bounce away from the left fielder as Gordon heads to third. I still think he's going home every single time I watch this. Crawford is a decent distance out there as the cutoff man, but I get that Alex Gordon isn't fast at all, but man could you imagine that? Sprinting home to finish an inside the park homer (I know its a single and a 2 base error) to tie the World Series in game 7 bottom 9??? Insane. Instead Gordon makes the correct play and stops at third. As we know the next batter pops out in foul ground and the game is over. That's how the 2014 World Series ended with the tying run 90 feet away. Doesn't get more dramatic than that to close it out.

Enjoy your Friday, friends.