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Jaguars Set To Mollywhoop The Dolphins On The World’s Biggest State (YouTube)

Welcome to the Thunderdome, you sons of bitches. My beloved Jaguars are taking to the national stage in order to place their nets around the Dolphins so quickly that you’ll think you’re watching Blackfish 2.

Am I worried that Fitzpatrick will pull some rabbits out of hat? No chance. That being said, I’m a little worried that Fitzpatrick will pull some rabbits out of his hat because our secondary’s hats are filled with the brains of primarily rookies and inexperienced fellas.

So what. Gardner is ready to plant some touchdowns under the lights while wearing nothing but teal and a mustache.

Prediction: 38-21.

You’ll see, like I did week 1, why the Jaguars cut Leonard Fournette. You’ll DJ Chark- unless he doesn’t play. You’ll see shenault-who is gonna be a star. You’ll see my dick out. You’ll see the game hit the over. You’ll see it all on YouTube. Congrats, folks. You’re in for the sweet taste of Duval and you didn’t even have to say Trick or Treat this close to October.