Mr. Bean Might Play Hitler In Season 6 Of Peaky Blinders

According to the recent rumours, Mr Bean famed actor Rowan Atkinson has been reportedly roped in to portray the character of Adolf Hitler in the series, reported Express UK.

The actor's name had been repeatedly coming up in the series wherever Hitler has been mentioned. However, nothing has been confirmed by the makers or the cast of the show.

Well, you can finally cross this one off your 2020 Bingo board. Peaky Blinders is one of the best shows going right now, so far be it from me to suggest that this isn't a good idea. Especially considering they've essentially nailed every casting that they've done so far. Wanna talk Alfie Solomons? One of the better tertiary characters in TV of the last decade?

While I think last season was probably the weakest so far (only relative to how great the first 4 are), I think there was some great setup for future conflict. Obviously the Shelby's are going to but heads with fascism, as evident by the introduction of Oswald Mosley.

Did I expect that to somehow end up with Tommy boy coming face to face with the worst human to have ever existed as played by Mr. bean? No, but the more I look at that picture of him in era-appropriate wear, I can actually kind of see it.