Rondale Moore Has Deleted His "Farewell" Post Leading Me To Believe He's Coming Back To Purdue

Uh oh...could we be seeing one of the most electric college football players in the country changing his mind and returning to play this season? 

Looks like it could be. 

The Purdue star announced on August 6th that he would be opting out of the season to focus on graduating and getting ready for the 2021 NFL Draft. But as shown above, that announcement is no longer on his social media - or his Instagram at least. 

Sure, I could be reaching here and probably am, but Jeff Brohm mentioned once the Big Ten officially returned that he would at least have a conversation with Moore about coming back. 

Plus, I have direct contact with people inside the program who have also had similar conversations with him. I'm just sayin....where there's smoke there is usually fire in these instances. 

Does it make a lot of sense for him to come back? Unless his reps are telling him the NFL would like to see him healthy again after not really seeing him in game action since 2018 then not really. He only played two games last season. 

But hell yeah I'm going to take this as a positive sign towards a possible opt-in with a month left before the Big Ten gets underway.