"Deaf U", A Reality Show About The Students At Gallaudet, Looks Great


You know when you're thinking about something and then you see something the very next day and you're like "what the fuck, I was JUST thinking about that"? That's what's happening right now with me. I literally yesterday was thinking about how it would make sense if we were taught basic sign language in elementary school. Doesn't even have to be fancy, but just enough to get by if needed. And then today, boom, this trailer drops.

If you aren't aware, Gallaudet is a college in DC for deaf students. It's pretty cool that this Netflix series is showing the deaf community and Gallaudet students are just like everyone else, simply trying to drink and party and hook up. 





So I don't know, I think it's pretty cool. It's your basic young person reality show but the deaf aspect brings a new layer to it that we've never seen, or probably even thought about to be honest. I've never considered the different (I don't want to sound ignorant here) levels of deafness- the one girl who says "am I not deaf enough for you?", the guy who threw out his hearing aids, etc. I think it will be a great watch.