It Just Feels So Much Better To Go Buy Coffee Than To Make The Coffee I Have In My Apartment

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I've been meaning to get this take off for a while now but I have been unsure how to properly phrase it. And what I think it boils down to is I'm addicted to buying coffee. Now, I love coffee. But the thing is, it goes beyond the smell and the taste. I love the entire routine of it. There's just something about going to my local coffee shop (mine is called "Starbucks", pretty unique place) and getting coffee. I enjoy the walk, stretching my legs. I love how the baristas either know my name or pretend to know my name because it's already printed on the cup because I order on the app. Before COVID, I really enjoyed putting in the cream and seeing the swirls in the cup. 



What a delight that is.


Now, I do own a coffee maker. And there was a brief period of time I enjoyed setting it to wake me up in the morning, the smell filling my apartment. But it just…it didn't do the trick. I don't know how to explain it but from talking to friends, it's not a feeling that I'm alone with. There's just something about looking forward to going to get coffee before bed, and then waking up and doing it. It's like a mini-addiction I have. And meanwhile my coffee maker sits on my countertop like a cuck. An absolute cuck of a coffeemaker, watching me parade coffees of all sizes in and out of my apartment while it sits there and can only watch. 

I also have a theory Starbucks adds crack cocaine to their beans. Now I can't prove that theory, but they definitely are sprinkling a little somethin' something' in there to get you going back every day. It's sort of like how the Twitter/Instagram algorithm knows how to keep your eyes and brain on their timelines, Starbucks does the same. I don't completely understand it, but I know it's not simply the caffeine. If it was just the caffeine, I'd be drinking tea. I wouldn't be shocked if I've said too much already and the Starbucks secret CIA repels down from the sky and throws me into an unmarked van later today.


I can't think of anything else that compares to this sensation. I could save so much money by making it at home, but I simply need that rush of ordering it and walking to go get it. It simply tastes better, even though it's basic chain coffee. 

If you have something comparable to this, let me know. I was thinking sort of like going to a bar to drink instead of drinking at home, but going to a bar is a social thing usually. I really cannot explain this phenomenon…well besides my crack cocaine theory, but again, I'm trying to avoid that unmarked van.