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In The Mood To Laugh Your Ass Off? The Sixers Want To Hire Mike D'Antoni So They Can Try And Land James Harden

Oh this is perfection, absolutely perfection. I do wonder though, is this part of the process? Is this how you trust it? Sign Mike D'Antonio as a head coach, tell everyone in the league that your roster is available to trade in a hope to land Harden via trade or in TWO YEARS as a free agent? You mean in two years when Harden is 33 and still going to command a supermax contract that will look terrible in a year or two? Please let that happen. The Sixers need to know the pain and I say this as a Knicks fan who I fully expect to see rumors like this about. 

What a mess the Sixers have turned into. Shit, even before this year people were talking about the Sixers as a possible title contending team. That ain't even close to true anymore. They are in one of the worst spots you can be in. They are good enough to consistently be a top-6 team in the East, but they aren't good enough to ever truly compete. They are just going to rot away in the middle of the NBA being a team with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons and not enough shooting. Good thing they have Al Horford and Tobias Harris locked up long term though! That won't hurt them at all. 

You know what, go ahead and get Harden. A great player, for sure. But also one that seems to quit every playoffs. He'll fit right in. I'm now cheering for this to happen.