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Zlatan Tests Positive For COVID-19 And Says The Virus Challenging Him Was a Bad Idea

Oh boy corona really fucked up now. You don't come attacking a living God, you idiot virus! Zlatan says when Zlatan is sick. You do not infect Zlatan without his permission. Now that you have his attention he will simply use this misstep to destroy the virus for good. The last thing covid wanted to do was bother this supreme being. He will show no mercy. If he says the virus challenging him was a bad idea, I have no choice but to believe him 100%. 

We're in the process of making all these vaccines to counter the virus, but did anyone ever think about threatening it with force? Zlatan has no fear. He will do this and succeed.  Zlatan never loses. He is unbeatable.

I imagine his battle with the virus will go something like this

or this

If Zlatan allows us to use his blood after his battle, which is unlikely, I believe his antibodies will not only cure us of the virus, but of all diseases in the world. He is the key.

To close out the blog, some of his best moments on camera.