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21st and Prime - Episode 2: Success is the Greatest Revenge with Michael Strahan

Deion and Jamie are joined for the second ever episode of 21st and Prime by Michael Strahan. The boys discussed Deion's decision to coach at Jackson State, which is an HBCU like Strahan attended himself at Texas Southern,  and how Jamie Dukes actually credits Michael Strahan with ending his NFL career.

Strahan also provided a ton of inspiring insight into the work that went into turning his current television career into what it is.

Strahan also told a touching story about the tough choice he faced about whether or not to go on air after hearing about his father’s passing just weeks ago.

The amount of shit talking present also absolutely cannot be ignored because it was rampant, as Strahan made fun of Deion's outfits, Jamie's fitness level, Deion's texting habits/inability to adapt new technology and more.

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