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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Guy You Should Trade One Of Your Best Players For?

You know it must be the offseason for the Sixers if they are back to doing nothing but leaking rumors about making moves that will surely make them title contenders THIS TIME. Every year it's the same old story after another second round loss if they are even good enough to get that far. 

Now on the surface, of course they should be interested in Buddy Hield. He's one of the best shooters in the league and provides a service that the Sixers are very much in need of. They need guys to help spread the floor and aren't cowards who can actually take and make threes to help give Embiid more room to operate. You'll never believe this, but the shooting for Korkmaz, Alec Burks, Shake Milton, etc was not enough when it came time to produce in the postseason. If the smoke around hiring D'Antoni is true, of course they are going to want to add one of the best three point shooters out there to that new system. 

You then have to factor in that Buddy Hield hates his life in Sacramento. He signed that 4/94M extension real quick and then immediately started complaining that he was coming off the bench. He even took the Kings off his Twitter bio which due to the internet rule book confirms he wants out. For the sake of this trade, you have to build it around his new money

Obviously, the Sixers have two contracts they are desperate to get rid of. Some might argue they are among the worst deals in the entire NBA. I can't imagine the Kings have any need for Tobias Harris, which means the main piece of this trade for PHI would be a 34 year Al Horford with 3 years and $81M left on his deal. Woof. We all saw what Horford looked like this year, the decline is real. 

So if you're the Kings, what is your motivation to do this trade? A declining Horford with big money left on his deal, some low end draft picks, and someone like Matisse Thybulle? For one of your best players that you just signed long term and are in no rush to need to move? Who cares if he's unhappy. He signed the extension. That's life. I know they have a new GM in Sacramento, but that would be a classic Kings move that would only set them back even more. 

Let's say they do want to move Hield because they don't want to handle his drama. I'm pretty sure the team can do better than an old ass Horford and another player who has zero offensive game. Plus, from the sounds of their new GM today he views Hield as a valuable piece

As they say when it comes to the NBA "offseason", anything can happen. You can bring in multiple teams, get creative, all that shit. But I can't help but laugh that the Sixers are clearly leaking their interest in a player that they most likely will never end up with. If that doesn't sum up The Process I don't know what does.