Lobster Poopin Is The Hobby You've Been Missing In Your Life

Are you a fan of sticking long sharp objects up somethings butt while simultaneously being a fan of tasty crustaceans that love to scuttle about on the sea floor?  Oh BOY do I have good news for you!  "Lobster Poopin" may be the hobby you have been missing in your life for quite some time now, and there has never been a better time to get started.

The Caribbean Spiny Lobster is, unfortunately for its own sake, widely regarded as one of the tastiest creatures to strut its little ass around the ocean floor.  Now, after you use your high level hand eye coordination to snag one of these strange aliens and transport him back to the dock to become your dinner, what is next?  I think most people that have eaten lobster can figure out that you break the tail off from the head (aka the part with the eyes and antennae) and eat the meaty part... but is there more?  What if you want to further purify your lobster tail from the substance known as... "poop"?  Here is one way that may just de-shit-ify your life a little more than you knew how before.

Now some people may refer to this as "deveining" the lobster's tail, but in these parts, I am partial to "poopin".  Break off an antenna and stick it in their anus hole and use the sharp prongs to pull their poop back out.  If you are somewhat "high society" like the girl in the video above, you can use a tool like that, but in these uncertain economic conditions, every cent counts, so feel free to use another part of the lobster to anally probe it with before you consume its flesh for sustenance.  Not to spike the football on these ocean dwellers, but capturing another animal, tearing it in half, using its own sensory organ to put up its butt and remove its insides, and then consuming it is about as dominating a performance as you can possibly put on in the food chain.