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Coach Cal Dunked On The Stupidity Of The NCAA Before Delivering Yet Another Crazy, Genius Idea

Mama there goes that man again. No one and I mean no one comes up with more genius, insane ideas like Coach Cal. Whether it was playing the conference tournament to start the year, one where you play conference tournament games at the same time like an AAU Tournament (and the Sun Belt actually ran with) and now this. Play some college hoops in August. It's brilliant because he's correct, duh. 

There is nothing in August. Preseason football is going on, but you're talking limited days of the week for that. College football starts late in the month. You're just getting out of the dog days of baseball summer. NBA, NHL aren't going on. Let some college hoops game happen. It can just be exhibitions too, but set it up like NBA Summer League. Remember, these guys are already on campus, so let's not pretend like it's taking them away from family or anything like that. Set up a 2-week event with a handful of teams, both mid and high major programs. Get them in Vegas or Indianapolis or somewhere like that, have them play like 4 exhibition games and then a tournament. Guess who is watching? ALL OF AMERICA. It'll be on during the day, people will tune in to see how their team looks. 

Because it's better than the alternative, which Cal brings up by dunking on the NCAA. We try to pretend like these teams that go overseas or to Canada for exhibition games do it for some sort of academic reason as well. Now, it's a leg up on the rest of the teams in the country. You get to have your guys play more games together, earlier than anyone else. It's an advantage and why it's set up that you can do only a trip every few years. 

The more I think about it the more Calipari is right, shocking, I know. But let's get this going. If there's one guy in the country that can make this happen it's Cal. I fully expect this to happen in two years and it'd be the best thing to happen to the sport.