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The Jurassic Park Gang Is Back Together!

I'm an absolute sucker for stuff like this. Put almost any old cast back together for a photo and I'm gonna like it, but this particular trio was, and still is, so god damn pure that it's just perfect. In case you didn't know, they're reprising their roles for the third film in the Jurassic World franchise, 'Jurassic World: Dominion'. There isn't a ton known about the plot, but this is what director Colin Trevorrow said about what the Dinosaurs might be up to in a convo with Jurassic Outpost

I just have no idea what would motivate dinosaurs to terrorize a city. They can’t organize. Right now we’ve got lethal predators in wild areas surrounding cities all over the world. They don’t go pack hunting for humans in urban areas. The world I get excited about is the one where it’s possible that a dinosaur might run out in front of your car on a foggy backroad, or invade your campground looking for food. A world where dinosaur interaction is unlikely but possible—the same way we watch out for bears or sharks.

I agree with him in that this is a better place to go than having Dinosaurs attacking a city or whatever. That turns this into 'Rampage' territory instead of capitalizing on what made the first movie so great, suspense. The idea that you could be doing something benign in your small town or suburb and suddenly come across a pack of velociraptors in the same way you might a deer is scary as all hell. The biggest hesitation I have for this movie is that 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' was a flaming pile of shit. I guess that means that there is nowhere to go but up!