This Is What Deion Sanders Is Looking For In A House, In Case You Were Wondering

Some people use Zillow, others hire real estate agents. Deion tweets his list of demands to the universe and watches the offers roll in. Must be nice. I realize this is kind of a weird thing to blog now that he works here, but in reality I'm never going to have a relationship with and/or talk to him so who cares. As far as the house goes, considering it's in Mississippi he should be able to get everything he wants for about, ehhh, three-hundred grand? Which really makes you think about how fucked you get living in New York. 

Anyway, Deion, if you're looking for someone to help with your home search, there's only one guy for the job- Myers Jackson. He's the Ashley Schaeffer of Mississippi home sales and a YouTube star in the making. Check out this video...

The ball is in your court. Best of luck with the search! Make sure to catch the Pro Football Football show every Sunday and AND 21st and Prime every Tuesday/Thursday.