Humans Helping Trash Pandas: Because We Can Use All The Good Karma We Can Get Right Now

See THIS is the type of developments we can use in 2020.  I've long been an advocate for normalizing Trash Panda/Human friendships and I think this video is a very good sign.  In years past, maybe this thing is left to fend for himself, but not this time.  This dude has a new lease on life and I'd bet he's more likely to help clean up people's trash rather than rummage through it.  This little guy might even go on to star in a Guardians Of The Galaxy reboot a few years down the road, you never know!  Or he may end up lucky enough to become an illegal pet for a crackhead!

There are really no bounds to what may transpire in the rest of his lifetime, but the bottom line is, we can use all of the good bounces right now, so I support this dude.  If you're going to do it, at least protect yourself a little better than this...

And it doesn't just stop there, this dude helping a skunk should count on the plus side for humans as well! 

That's what we like to see!  Karma is a game of inches and we need all we can get right now.  Now you might get sprayed with skunk juice or get bitten by a rabid Raccoon, so make sure you're not being an idiot, but just remember that helping out a normally frowned upon vermin might be the difference between the Universe imploding or not by the end of this year.  No pressure!