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After Getting Shit Talked In The Stands During Joe Burrow's First Road Game, His Parents Said They 'Don't Know If It's Normal Or Just A Browns Thing'

[The Athletic] - “It was a little bit harsh,” she added. “That would be one way to put it. I guess I haven’t been to enough NFL games to know if that’s normal or if that’s just a Browns thing. We experienced it a couple of times in college, but this was just different. That’s OK, though. I’ll have to thicken up my skin a little bit, I guess.”

Sitting in Section 149 in the west end zone (the non-Dawg Pound end zone), Jimmy and Robin were sporting plenty of Bengals gear. But unlike their two seasons watching Joe play for LSU, at home at Tiger Stadium and at other SEC venues, they weren’t wearing replicas of his jersey.

And that was by design.

“We’re kind of waiting a little,” Jimmy said. “We don’t want to get too far out in front of ourselves, advertising that we’re Joe Burrow’s parents. Everybody at LSU knew it no matter what, so you might as well wear the No. 9. But that’s not the case here.”

What a win for Browns fans here. The Burrow's are questioning if what you said to them, mocking them in the stands, is normal or just a you thing. They came from the SEC! They were wearing Joe's jersey to every home/away game in college. You can't tell me they didn't get shit in the stands at Alabama, Texas, Ole Miss, wherever. But, no, it's Browns fans that have them questioning how crazy the stands are in the NFL. Then again, these are the Browns fans: 

Here's the thing, I don't think the Burrow's are wrong. This is 100% a Browns fans thing. I mean, obviously, every NFL team has annoying ass fans in the stands at every game, but Browns fans are a special type of miserable. Some of my best friends are from Cleveland and Browns fans. They are the worst. They have nothing to cheer for so they just let their misery come out in the form of insults and winning the verbal fight in the stands, before they turn on each other. Again, this isn't a stereotype, every Browns fan is just this guy in slightly different sizes. 

So, yeah, might want to buckle in there Burrow family. Be prepared for a ton of insults coming your way, especially when you go to Cleveland.