Jose Ramirez Walk-Off Bomb Clinched A Playoff Spot For The Most Feared Team In Baseball

That's MVP JOSE RAMIREZ to you, social team!!!! What a way to send your team into the playoffs. Yeah I know we had a 99.9% chance of making it and would've clinched at some point either way, but a walk-off 3-run home run with 2 outs in the bottom of the 10th just had a little extra magical feel to it. I know the Indians have sort of crawled to the finish line of this regular season, but now I feel like we're all the way back. Three straight wins and we're heading to the postseason on a high note. And in a best of three format, you do NOT want to see the Indians. They have to be, hands down, the most feared team in baseball heading to October. Mostly because you do NOT want to see Cy Bieber trotting out onto the mound against you in Game 1. You'd be down 0-1 in the series before the umpire even says play ball. And if the season ended today, it'd be the White Sox in that situation....

Here's the thing folks: the Indians have what I would consider the absolute #1 best scenario in the entire league. Like, if I could choose any other position in this bracket, I wouldn't budge. I mean, yeah I guess I'd rather be the "home team" so I'd flip spots with the White Sox, but is there a better series you'd rather be in that one? Avoid the Twins, Yankees, A's, and Astros. Throw the seeds aside -- would you not rather have to come out of the White Sox, Rays, and Blue Jays bracket? 10000%. We lead the season series against the "#2 seed" White Sox. And then we'd get to play either Oakland or Tampa on a neutral field with no crowd? Sign me up. What a time to be the "7 seed". I know people are still saying the Tribe have a legitimate shot at winning the AL Central with a couple games left vs. the White Sox, but I honestly don't want to move one muscle right now…..

Teams I don't want to play: Twins, Astros, and Yankees. For no other reason than I could easily see Houston or New York representing the American League in the World Series. Do we really think the Rays are going to win a World Series? No chance. And I just want to avoid the Twins because it seems like they've had our number the past couple years. Let someone else knock them out. And we'll handle the big bad White Sox…..

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