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Big Time High School Fight in a Texas Whataburger Over 10 Dollars Looks Like a Great Time For All


Watch video here and not on the site because our technology predates Geocities.

KHOU - Over the weekend, the Whataburger off of Spring Cypress and the Northwest Freeway turned into a “fight club.” Eighteen-year-old Kenneth Enciu was in the middle of the mess. It started in the packed dining room after a Cy-Woods football game on Friday night. Kenneth says it was all over $10. “He came at my friend and started swinging at him,” said Enciu. That’s when Enciu put his food down and swung right back. “One punch after another that’s how it happened,” he said. “I didn’t really think about it, I just let my anger take control of me.” In an instant, the burger brawl was on. “Chairs were all over the place, everybody was throwing chairs,” he said. Whataburger employees tried to break it up, but more teenagers joined in. The main fight spilled out into the parking lot where it got even more violent. “That’s when everyone went crazy,” said Enciu. Enciu says the whole experience was wild. He feels fortunate no one was arrested or badly hurt. His only regret that night is that he didn’t trust his gut to go through the drive through. “Came for a burger and fries and left with a hurt finger,” said Enciu.

Wirrlllllll starrrrrrrr! I love me a good fast food rumble. Because when you go to a fast food joint, you never know what to expect. Big time wild card. 60% of the time you’ll bump into a homeless crackhead every time. 50/50 shot your order is correct. But that’s part of the deal you make when you go down that road. It’s like getting on a roller coaster at 6 Flags. 90% chance something will malfunction and you might die. But if you didn’t want to take that chance, you wouldn’t have gone to a 6 Flags. Going to a Whataburger after a football game in Texas and not expecting a fight to break out would be like going to a Buffalo Wild Wings and not expecting to bleed out your asshole for the next day and a half. You want the goods, you face the consequences.

PS: Always trust your gut and go through the drive thru. Always. No need to ever get out of your car and risk a punch to the face. No need to get wirllll star’d. How about that kid who had his shirt off just getting pummeled to the ground while every looked on cheering? Good lord bro. Pay the guy his 10 bucks next time.