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Today In Steve Cohen Takes Over The Wilpons: It Sounds Like Uncle Stevie Will Have A Chance To Buy SNY For Potentially $1 Billion Less Than He Reportedly Was Willing To Pay For It In July

I'll admit that I was an emotional mess for most of 2020 not just because the world felt like it was crumbling around our feet but because I had no clue what was going to happen with the ownership of my beloved Metropolitans once Steve Cohen's bid fell through. But watching Uncle Stevie win the bid, Little Jeffy Wilpon allegedly cost his family hundreds of millions of dollars, and now Steve Cohen may get SNY for half of what he reportedly offered for it a couple of months ago is like watching the baptism scene from The Godfather.

The crazy thing is I'm not sure if SNY is even worth buying. All of SNY's appeal is that it is the exclusive home for the Mets until 2030, at which point Cohen can shop it around to whatever network wants to show games of what is hopefully a perennial contender. You would never know that since the Wilpons run a regional sports network that can print its own money as well as they run a baseball team and somehow have an unconscionable amount of debt tied to it. I'll have to ask the number one sports business reporter in the biz, Jake Marsh, about this next time I see him.

I'm personally a fan of SNY because it's theme song for the Mets is a banger, the social media accounts pump out some good tweets, and it's been the home of my three baseball dads Gary, Keith and Ron for more than a decade now. But other than that, it seems like it would be a hallow shell like after Thanos ripped Vision's brain out along with the Mind Stone. If Uncle Stevie wants to build his own network, that would seem like more of a play instead of dealing with a network covered in the stink of the Wilpons along with any puppets of the former regime trying to be a regional Rickety Cricket homeless mans version of Skip Bayless. Or maybe Uncle Stevie can make Barstool the official home of the Mets since God knows what the pirate ship will look like then considering how much we have grown as a media company and just so happen to have a pretty decent footprint in the gambling world, which seems like it will be the next bonanza for sports teams to cash in on.