GETTLEFINGER STRIKES! The Giants Reportedly Outmaneuvered Countless NFL Teams To Sign Devonta Freeman

Did Dave Gettleman do it again or did Dave Gettleman do it again? Now I'm not sure if countless means 1 or 31 other NFL teams were looking into signing Freeman after Bloody Sunday wiped out countless players on Sunday or if no other team actually wanted to sign him. But you technically can't count to zero, which makes the headline accurate as well. You also may be asking yourself if I am spinzoning this signing because I was laughing at the reports of other teams bringing in Freeman for workouts last week and now find myself praying Freeman has ANY juice left in the tank once our nuclear weapon tore his ACL. 

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Well that's for me to know and you to…not know.

I suppose there is always a chance Freeman could have some burst in his legs since that would be yet another thing to piss off Falcons fans and having a veteran running back that's better at pass blocking than Saquon was will be good for Daniel Jones. At least unless we make it to a spot in the playoffs.

If you laughed, chuckled, or even rolled your eyes at the mere mention P word, run a lap for Coach Judge

I'm not sure what else I can need to say to convince you that replacing Saquon Barkley with Devonta Freeman was a good thing as we mope through another 0-2 start. So here's a Devonta Freeman hype video to get you jazzed up. 2020 is truly our darkest timeline.

For those wondering, I'm not sure where to slot Freeman in your waiver wire claims considering they have Dion Lewis and Wayne Gallman already on the active roster, Freeman being unable to land on multiple teams, and the Giants offensive line being in various states of incompetence during this young season. All I'm hoping for is that Freeman is able to give us a highlight as great as Dave Gettleman's last veteran signing at running back.