Lane Kiffin Will NOT Be Coaching the New York Jets Anytime Soon

On today's Pardon My Take, big time football guy Lane Kiffin joined the show. The Ole Miss head coach hopped on with Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter to discuss this upcoming season in the SEC, his football career, Joey Freshwater, the FAU hype video, and more. But we've seen Lane Kiffin take many stops throughout his career, so as a Big J, Mr. Commenter asked, what about a future one?

Mr. Commenter: Obviously, you're excited about this upcoming season right now, so am I. I'm wishing all the best for you at Ole Miss, I think you guys will be fun to watch. We play this game with everybody. We ask every single guest that we have on the show this question - Let's just say it's March 1, 2021, Ole Miss is National Champions. How does Lane Kiffin, Head Coach of the New York Jets sound to you?

Lane Kiffin: Ugh, terrible. 

Mr. Commenter: That's the correct answer. That actually tells me you've got great instincts. 

Lane Kiffin: Yes, I mean, have you seen their roster?

Mr. Cat: Is it... you've done NFL... are you a college football coach for life now? Like I would imagine that the NFL is just being a different beast altogether. 

Lane Kiffin: I would think so. I've always enjoyed college more, especially after coming back to it. And as you get older, just working with kids and you know, there's a lot of neat things about the NFL. A lot of people love it. You know, you get a lot of your free time and don't work in offseason hardly at all anymore. But, you know, I enjoy the recruiting. I enjoy the different seasons of college football. 

No beating around the bush here! You've got to love when the player or coach being interviewed gets straight to the point. No answers in the grey area whatsoever. New York Jets = ABSOLUTELY NOT! Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss should be fun to watch this year.