Tom Cruise Will Officially Be Heading To Outer Space in 2021 To Film His Next Crazy Movie

For a little while now we've heard rumors of Tom Cruise wanting to go to outer space to film his next crazy movie. Well, now it's official. Cruise and his director Doug Liman (Swingers, Go, The Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Jumper, Edge of Tomorrow, and American Made) will lifting off in October of next year with the assistance of Space X.

The shocking thing here is how "cheap" it all is going to cost. The budget for the movie is around $200 million and the cost of the flight is another $100 mill. $300 million seems like a bargain with all things considered. Factor that budget in with all the commotion this is causing and you have yourself a cash cow in the making. The first movie ever filmed outside of Earth, I mean how are you not interested? Also consider all the great movies Doug Liman has had his hand in making. This is going to be must watch and make at least a billion dollars no doubt. I'm all in. 

This made me think of the Ben Affleck Armageddon commentary. Do you train a cameraman to become an astronaut to do this, or do you train an astronaut to be a cameraman? Ben would send the astronaut and not think twice. 

One thing is for certain, Tom Cruise will not be satisfied until he dies while filming a movie. If this doesn't work he'll likely build a time machine and if that fails he'll try the sun. 

Side note, I feel like people don't like Cruise because of the scientology thing which is fair, but I always remember a high school teacher of mine who was a stunt man in one of his Mission Impossible movies. He said Tom would go out of his way to remember every single crew members' name and be as nice as humanly possible to all of them. Might not mean a whole lot to you, but based off the shit you hear about Ellen, I like to hear the exact opposite about Cruise. Is he batshit crazy? No question, but he's also a good dude and respects people who work for him. I will watch any movie this man is in. 

Going to end the blog with this recent threat of Tom Cruise being out of his fucking mind. Convinced he doesn't know stunt men exist.