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Mitch Looks Awesome.

That's the image of an undefeated NFL quarterback getting his reps in on a Monday night while everyone else is slow cooking a beef and getting ready for Saints/Raiders. It's an absolutely stunning vision and I mean that sincerely. Like a 1st chair concert violinist tuning their instrument before a monster performance It all comes down to the details no matter how good you are. No matter your success. That violin player needs a well oiled G-string the same way Mitch needs well oiled hips. The fact we're getting these reps at a nondescript suburban football field neighboring affordable housing only makes it better. This is Common Man Mitch on a Monday. I hope you're reading this sitting down. 

Elsewhere there was some low blow trash talk flying around the locker room that needs to be put to rest. 

I am not here to talk shit about other people's quarterbacks but hard to come at Mitch's legs when Cam's are a yard short. And if you look closely Mitch is clearly in an athletic position to deliver a perfectly placed 27-yard 4th-quarter touchdown. Where I'm from, there's nothing wrong with touchdown passes. Speaking of which, let's talk Torque. Let's talk Hip-Shoulder Separation. That's the picture of a man who may never check down again. Sue me for respecting his commitment to the fundamentals. 

PS - Same time I need someone who understands the NFL way more than me why the Bears don't have a guy inside Halas Hall that does this with Mitch. I don't mind outsiders I just demand excellence from the staff at all times.