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We Had Our First Jenga 50 Burger On Stool Streams Yesterday, With The Game Ending After There Were Zero More Moves To Make


If you aren't watching Stool Streams at this point, you are only spiting yourself. It's ridiculously intense, especially these Jenga matches where a stiff breeze couple topple the tower. 

When we started Jenga, getting to block 30 felt like history was being made. Block 35 the tower was due to fall at any given second. Getting to block 40 was basically impossible. And then yesterday, we did it, the first ever 50 Burger.



Truly amazing stuff. 

The match was myself and Billy "Psycho Shit" Football vs Liz and Ria. We came in looking to get into their heads



From there, things got nuts.

We had Billy's patented psycho shit


A tower that made no sense at all:



Vibbs abusing Ria




More Billy doing psycho shit



And Ria with perhaps the greatest pull these eyes have ever seen on the most wobbling, unbalanced, leaning tower in Jenga history.




The game ended where there were no more moves…but Billy was going to be forced to move blocks around the tower to try and get some balance. Alas, it did not work.



Needless to say, it was one of the best matches in Jenga SSS history, one that will be talked about for generations to come.

So devastated by the 50 burger loss, Billy looks like he will be taking a hiatus from the sport



As his partner I wish he would reconsider, but I understand he's a father and wants to spend more time with his kids. I respect that.

As far as I know nobody won the progressive jackpot yesterday so it should be at $2,000 for next time. Unless someone won it in the final game of the day, they didn't say it on Twitter, so I'm assuming not. 



Stool Streams is live every Monday and Thursday, it's free to play, and real money is on the line. Don't be a sucker, get in now.