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I Could Watch Jon Gruden Lead The Raiders Locker Room Dance Celebration All Damn Day

Look at Chucky go! There is no one enjoying the move to Las Vegas more than Jon Gruden. 2-0 start, calling for 54-yard field goals to clinch games, an absolute star running back in Josh Jacobs and a star tight end in Darren Waller. The man is simply living his best life. You can't tell me this dude isn't ready to hit up the strip while he's on top of the world. 

But really this is about the locker room celebration. It's the most on brand Jon Gruden celebration I've ever seen and honestly I could watch it all damn day. It's the ultimate football guy. You're the coach, you lead the team. That simple. Correction, the most on brand celebration for Gruden is the fist bump, hug, shove, fist bump celebration with Mike Mayock. That's how I assume these guys start every day when they see each other. 

After rewatching the video, I'm a little more surprised Gruden didn't get in a 3-point stance at some point there. That feels like something he'd do mid-dance. I want the Raiders to be good too man. They are one of those franchises that makes the NFL even better when they are relevant, even if it's still too weird to see them play on a field that doesn't have baseball dirt all over it. We also got an all-time jersey matchup last night.

PS: Sup Mike Mayock's daughter?