Louisville Hoops Answered To NCAA Allegations By Writing A SEVENTY FIVE Page Response And Tried To Say Kroger (A Grocery Store) Could Cheat For Kentucky

Remember the whole pay for play and bribery scandal in college hoops? Yep, it's still going on! So now we have Louisville responding to the notice of allegations with a ridiculous 75 page letter. I don't care if you're fighting for your program, 75 pages is just far too much typing. Feel like you can get your point across in 2-3 pages tops. But that's not even my favorite thing about this all. It's the fact that Louisville is trying to say that Adidas didn't cheat for them because if you look at Kentucky, they have Kroger as a sponsor and they could cheat for them too. What?!? Again, Kroger is a massive grocery store in the area. They aren't running their own AAU programs and events and an individual sponsor for players once they make the NBA. Don't think Shauna who works at the cash register has the same sort of pull as a higher up at Adidas. It's not even close to the same thing, even if it's incredibly stupid that the crime is trying to say the schools are the victims here. Fuck outta here with that. Schools got the money and the players, they aren't victims. 

And listen, I'm hoping Louisville beats this! It's already easy enough for Kentucky to beat them straight up year after year after year and so much that people say it's too one-sided to even be a rivalry. Imagine if they have more sanctions. It'll only get easier and eventually be looked at as nothing. I don't want that for the fine people of Louisville. I want them to get their hopes up that this is the year they'll baet Kentucky and finally be able to pound their chest. I like a challenge vs taking the easy way out. 

Not to mention I hate the NCAA and the damn rulebook.  Do I think there's a pay for play thing here? Absolutely! It'd be dumb not to. Do I think it's dumb that this is a crime and could see NCAA punishment? Absolutely! Amateurism isn't a real thing anymore. The NCAA rulebook is still written from the 40s and 50s when there was 'cheating' even! 

I've said this so many times. Just let the free market dictate what players are worth. Scholarships from schools are enough of a payment from individual schools. However, if a car dealership or bar wants to use a player for an ad deal and pay them $10,000. Who cares? What's going to happen? Kentucky, Kansas and Duke will still get the best basketball recruits? Can't imagine that world.

Bold strategy though trying to say Kroger could cheat for Kentucky. I can just imagine their big quarterly meeting talking about getting more produce in, upping beef sales and oh, go ahead and drop a bag of cucumbers and $100,000 to a recruit's dad please.