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Here We Have Bryson DeChambeau Fake Sleeping With The US Open Trophy

Listen, I'm back in on Bryson DeChambeau. Yes I'm a spineless jelly fish who's willing to be on anyone's side who gives Fore Play the time of day but at least we're honest about it. The fact of the matter is the best way for us to get access to these guys and to get them to do content with us is if we're on their side. It's as simple as that. That's just how the world works. Welcome to reality. So yeah I'm all the way back in on Bryson DeChambeau. Could that change? Of course. My opinions on certain guys changes like the wind changes but as of right now I'm fully #TeamBryson.

But with all that said, that's some of the fakest sleep I've ever seen in my life. Just calling it how I see it. Bryson couldn't be less asleep in that picture. No part of me thought for even a millisecond that he was experiencing any sort of REM sleep in that picture. I saw that instagram and immediately thought to myself, "He's very awake and they staged this picture." And I don't blame them for doing it. You gotta do the morning after sleeping-in-bed-with-the-trophy picture after you win the US Open. It's a must. But isn't it amazing how obvious it is when someone is fake sleeping? I find that fascinating. It shouldn't be that easy to tell because all sleeping really is is just having your eyes close but it's SO easy to tell when someone is faking it. Bryson simply isn't asleep whatsoever in that picture.