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The Rock Got Ordained So He Could Suprise Officiate The Wedding Of One Of His Biggest Fans


The Rock is the most awesome person in the world, part 2,406. Everything he does for his fans is awesome. He takes every picture, signs every autograph, and just always goes above and beyond. The fact he got ordained between shooting every movie coming out this summer (seriously, I’m I think he’s in at least 75 movies this summer) and shooting his new HBO show just so he could surprise one fan is incredible. And yes, you can be the negative Nancy and be like “he did it to promote his movie”. Sure, I suppose, but what was the last time you watched TV and didn’t see a commercial for San Andreas? He didn’t have to do this. He is just the coolest dude in the world.

And yes, we can talk about the fact the guy getting married is bagging a smoke and a half. Giving us all hope outchea on a Friday.