Hundreds of Sea Creatures Are Having A Whale of a Time Escaping A Sand Bar; Help Is On The Way

Tasmania is having a devil of a time rescuing semi-beached whales and I’m not talkin about your mother, friends.

Can you imagine being one of the scientists who freed 270 whales? You could pull up a bar seat in Australia and start looking into the distance.

“Excuse me, bloke. Whattelya be havin, mate? Mate. Mate. You alright, mate?”

“Oh. Me? Yeah. Just Thinkin bout those beautiful whales. I hope they’re ok.”

“You’re part of that group? Blessings to you.”

*blows out the world’s biggest vape plume” 

  “Blessings should go to the whales, you calloused son of a bitch.”

Overreaction. Relax. No harm was intended. We all appreciate you and the whales. Smh