Aaron Carter Says He'll Star In A 'Classy' Adult Film For The Low Low Price Of $3 MILLION ​

Finally, some newsworthy news on this fine Monday morning. No, it's not football or politics or the current state of the global pandemic...it's Aaron Carter updating us on his porn career. The one he insists doesn't exist despite having already made multiple videos on CamSoda and OnlyFans....

Which apparently didn't net him enough money because now he's asking for $3 MILLION to make a full blown sex tape...

From Fox: 

Aaron Carter is returning to the adult entertainment website CamSoda on Friday night, just two weeks after he made his debut.

The singer, 32, discussed his plans for a “classy” performance on his piano for the upcoming live camera show. “I’m going to hop on the piano,” he told Page Six Thursday, before adding that “kinky stuff like hot wax” would be involved.

Carter also revealed he had no plans to make a sex tape — that is, unless the pay is "in the $3 million range," he said. "I’m a singer, not an adult star," he added.

The good news is at least it'll be classy. Piano first THEN kinky stuff like hot wax. The craziest part of this whole story is that Aaron somehow thinks his dick is worth $3,000,000. Not even an A lister could get $3,000,000 for their cock, especially when it's already plastered all over the internet. Oh well. Poor guy. Hopefully he finds his way soon, but from the looks of it he's still completely lost. Take it away, A!