Kanye West Reportedly Spent Over $3 Million Trying To Get On The Presidential Ballot

According to a source at Let the Voters Decide -- the 3rd-party petitioning group Kanye's been using this summer -- the rapper's campaign paid them between $3.5 and $4.5 MILLION across 15 states to send workers out for John Hancocks.

We've covered many of the individual states where the group has been dispersed on Kanye's behalf, but we're told one of the biggest chunks of money went toward Arizona -- where Ye allegedly dished out $1 million to get 93,000 signatures -- only to have a judge bar him from the ballot anyway.

The same is true in Ohio and Virginia -- where our source says Kanye's campaign allegedly spent $325k and $300k respectively to gather signatures ... only to not make the ballot.

Some people should just not be allowed to be rich. I mean, what are we doing here, Kanye? I know your net worth is $1.3 billion but this was an absolute lost cause from the beginning. He literally missed the deadline for like 25 states, and he spent $3 million trying to get signatures and get on some ballots? First of all, if it really cost him a million dollars to get 93,000 signatures then that's the worst investment decision I've ever seen. Even worse than when I sold $PENN after I made a couple hundred bucks on opening day. Listen Kanye, if your going rate is nearly $11 per signature, I'll quit all of my jobs right now and work for you full time. I'll be the first street corner millionaire. Either me or the guy in my apartment complex that puts on raggedy old clothes and heads down to the highway exit ramp each day during rush hour to make beer money.

Anyways, I figured it was some sort of joke when he announced he was running for President in the first place, but no one with a brain puts over $3 million into a joke. Which puts us in quite the conundrum here: was he serious or does he have no brain? Jury's still out on that one. I'm just sitting here trying to figure out an equivalent purchase or usage of funds for the average American. I thought maybe it'd be like me spending $5,000 on a Halloween costume to go trick or treating, but that would even be more useful than this. I'd at least get some Reeses or Kit Kats in return. This dude ain't getting nothing in this election. What's the point of running if you have less than a 0% chance of winning? Cue the conspiracy theorists......now.

The people in the replies are making me laugh out loud though. "Think of all the homeless veterans he could've helped!". "Think of all of the food kitchens he could've supplied". "He could've started a scholarship fund with that money". -- I actually kind of like that last one. A Scott's Tots type of situation. Call it Kayne's Kids.

But seriously, I don't care if he donated that money or sat on top of a pile of it. Buy all the frivolous items you want -- but paying over $3 million for signatures to get on the ballot of an election that you legally cannot win just irks me the wrong way. Like, Kanye shouldn't be allowed to have a billion dollars if he's this dumb. Get your man, Kim. Actually, dump his crazy ass.