LeBron Thinks Anyone Who Criticizes Him Would 'Shit Their Pants 10 Out Of 10 Times' If They Got Into The Arena With Him

What is up with these quotes from LeBron lately? He was bitching about not winning MVP and now this? What the hell is he even talking about because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't shit my pants standing in the arena with him. I'm pretty sure the majority of people who criticize him wouldn't shit their pants. If he beats me up that's a lot of money for me and I'll take my chances there. Is he going to beat people who criticize him in basketball? Yeah, of course the dude is a top-2 player of all time. He better beat regular ass people at basketball. 

At some point LeBron's gotta learn this is what we criticize him for. People aren't making fun of his actual game. It's the corny ass quotes and all this 'I'm so tough but please don't hate me' attitude that he's had since he joined the Heat. He's so desperate to be liked that he says so much stupid shit and then we make fun of him and then he makes the Finals. Round and round we go for 17 years now. 

Let it be confirmed though I will not shit my pants. That's a promise.