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Jon Heyman Says That A-Rod Wanted To Bring Back Jeff Wilpon In Some Sort Of Senior Role If Team JRod Bought The Mets

Congratulations Alexander Emanuel Rodriguez, you went from the potential savior of Mets fans to pretty much the most hated person that doesn't have the last name Wilpon or grown ass man that still goes by the name Chipper!  So that is why Little Jeffy Wilpon reportedly stomped his feet and held his breath like a spoiled kid in Willy Wonka's factory demanding that his daddy sell the family's crown jewel to Team JRod. Well a hearty fuck you to Big Cat's boss not named Dave if this is true. 

If A-Rod had bought the Mets, I could have spinzoned him and JLo buying the Mets if Uncle Stevie didn't want to deal with the bullshit again because JRod could have made the Mets the coolest team in baseball while ignoring their bid being built on a bunch of loans and co-investors or how the Mets being torn apart in a power struggle during a megacelebrity divorce would be the most Mets way to continue the suffering we've endured for God knows how long simply because I wanted the Wilpons gone that badly. Having a super successful dude like Mike Repole involved along with Portnoy as well as any potential juju from his deal with the devil could maybe have overcome some of those fears.

However, if Jeff Wilpon stuck around with the Mets in a senior role, I think that would've been it for me. As a Mets/Knicks fan, I know a dog of a front office when I see one and the Mets were going to be the old dog not only shitting on your rug 100 times a year but also occasionally lighting the house on fire. I was getting too old to deal with this shit anymore and had to know if I was going to avoid raising my kids as baseball fans in general because I didn't want them to go through the pain I go through as a Mets fan but I didn't want them to then become gabagool Yankees fans either. 

Yeah we would've gotten all the fluffer stories from people that have licked the Wilpons boots and dicks for years about how the Mets were A-Rod's team growing up and all that bullshit. But any Mets fan worth their salt would have thrown Jeff Wilpon out of the organization before the ink dried on the contract, which is EXACTLY what Steve Cohen ended up being able to do without that 5 year holding period from his first deal to buy the Mets. Maybe 2020 ain't so bad after all.

All you need to know about the difference of having A-Rod as an owner and Steve Cohen is A-Rod wanted Jeff Wilpon in a senior role while Cohen wanted Sandy Alderson. And while I know some Mets fans are lukewarm on Alderson after his time here, you can't ignore that he got this dog of a franchise into the 2015 World Series and is responsible for pretty much every consistent player on the team. I also looooooooved that Sandy would coyly answer questions about transactions that were/weren't made by saying his hands were tied by cheap fucks in the owners box without actually saying it. No GM bats 1.000 with moves. But the GM is pretty much swinging with the batting donut still on when the Wilpons are the owners of his team.

Mets fans didn't dodge a bullet when A-Rod lost out on bidding on the Mets. We dodged the asteroid from Armageddon crashing directly into our faces. And if A-Rod is ever interested in buying another baseball team again, I only have one word of advice to that team's fanbase.

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