Please Allow Me To Take A CeeDee Lamb Victory Lap

Let’s jump in the wayback machine and transport ourselves to April 23, 2020. If you recall, that was the night of the NFL draft. And after today’s Cowboys game, I’m more than ever convinced that A LOT of teams are going to be staying up late at night rethinking their decisions in the coming decade.

That’s because of CeeDee Lamb.

The 2020 draft may go down as one of the greatest receiver drafts of all time. If you recall, 13 wide receivers were drafted in the first two rounds of the NFL draft (6 in the first round, 7 in the second). 

#12 Henry Ruggs (Raiders)

#15 Jerry Jeudy (Broncos)

#17 CeeDee Lamb (Cowboys)

#21 Jalen Raegor (Eagles)

#22 Justin Jefferson (Vikings)

#25 Brandon Aiyuk (49ers)

#33 Tee Higgins (Bengals)

#34 Michael Pittman Jr. (Colts)

#42 Laviska Shenault (Jaguars)

#46 K.J. Hamler (Broncos)

#49 Chase Claypool (Steelers)

#57 Van Jefferson (Texans)

#59 Denzel Mims (Jets)

Of all the receivers on this list? Of course, I liked Ruggs and I loved Jeudy, but most of all CeeDee had my heart.

The only problem was that I was DEAD CERTAIN that there was no way CeeDee was going to be sitting there at 17 (or Jeudy for that matter). 

And then … this. 

CeeDee Mothafuckin’ Lamb fell to #17 in the draft and right into the loving arms of Dak Prescott. A day later, I still could not stop thinking about it.  

And already there was JEALOUSY. EVERYWHERE.

CEEDEE LAMB. DALLAS COWBOYS. A match made in heaven. Of course, Jerry swooned over the pick, so much there were memes made about Jerry having a little Lamb. Jerry loved him so much, he gifted CeeDee the number 88; Michael Irvin and Dez Bryant’s jersey number. Big shoes to fill, kid. 

There have only been two games this year, but already not only is CeeDee showing great productivity, but he’s IMPROVING. Not game to game. But half to half. Even quarter to quarter. Drive to drive. 

Scary thought.

Of the 13 WRs in the 2020 draft, CeeDee Lamb is the first to register a 100 yard game (9 for 106, which does not include a 9 yard run) in Week 2 in the incredible comeback victory against the Falcons. He's projected right now at 80 catches for 944 yards, which would be a stellar rookie season for anyone. 

Check out this catch from CeeDee on the game winning drive:

CeeDee had such a big game that Amari Cooper made sure that he stopped and took it all in.

But the thing is? CeeDee will probably IMPROVE on those numbers as the year goes along, not only because of the high octane Dallas offense, but because he's still learning the system.

That's a frightening thought for the rest of the NFL. 

He even has the best t-shirt in the NFL. Go buy one.