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OMG Saquon Barkley Just Deleted Every Giants Post From His Instagram!

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No but seriously, there's nothing to see here. I think. Saquon may be crushed that he suffered what appears to be a terrible injury a season before he was in line to receive an extension in a running back market that seems to be thriving despite the Twitter slander being heaped upon the position. I'm fucking crushed for him and that has nothing to do with being a Giants fan. Saquon seems like a genuinely great dude that is so much fun to watch. So if he did scrub the Gram like so many people do when there is a bad relationship, I wouldn't even blame him considering the mindset he's probably in right now.

HOWEVAH, Saquon didn't just delete Giants pictures. He deleted everything except for one picture.

You know what that means? Mamba mentality from someone that was a freak of nature before he had the fire of a rehab and the spirit of Kobe Bean Bryant flowing through his system with a future payday in his sights. Shit, Saquon may even go #ZeroDarkThirty26 and not post on Instagram until he takes the field again. And by then his legs fresh out of rehab will make the Saquad tree trunks we gawked at look like mere twigs on his way to running to the first zillion yard season in NFL history.

Obligatory Baby Groot gif for the twig reference and because it always makes me feel better since I'm not feeling great right now.

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I don't know how this will all end but at least Saquon has the gold standard to look up to.