Philadelphia Doesn't Need Fans In The Stands To Boo The Hell Out Of The Eagles

Mind you, this was before he threw an interception in the end zone trying to thread a ball to JJAW in double coverage. The Eagles have been #ungood since about halftime of last week against the Washington Football Team. So you can only imagine what their fans are saying in the comfort of their own homes. 

Rone hasn't tweeted this game. Curious. 

But this is masterclass by the in-stadium fx producer. That's knowing your fanbase to its core. Philly boos. That's what they do. They'll boo anyone at any time for any reason. It's perhaps the most admirable characteristic of our nation's former capital. You go out there and stink out loud wearing cloth stitched with the name of their city they'll boo 'til the cows come home you whether they're in the stands or not. That's a level of commitment other cities could learn from.