Colby Covington DOMINATES Tyron Woodley From Start To Finish

Colby Covington just went out there and did EXACTLY what we all thought he was gonna do to Tyron Woodley, grapplefucking him for five straight rounds before a rib injury awkwardly ended the effort for the former champ in Woodley. From the first takedown of the fight for Covington, you knew he had this in the bag. Woodley appeared defeated real quick, not unlike in his last two performances.

Unfortunately, this was also FAR AND AWAY the worst and most boring snoozefest of the night, because Woodley literally just had nothing to offer and Covington isn't a finisher, so they did a lot of huggin in the clinch til this one was over.

Hopefully with that Kamaru Usman rematch still looming, they'll be able to get those guys back in the octagon together for another classic before too long. I know he's got Burns on the docket in December but it just seemed like they were really able to bring the best out of each other, being it's clear both men felt their wrestling ability may have cancelled the other's out - so they stood and threw the whole fight! And it was amazing!

P.S. If you were tailing the Barstool Sportsbook launch special prop picks I put out earlier, you hit +450/+320/+225/-115 bets tonight! Fuck yeah!