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Bronny James Is A Trending Topic On Twitter For .... Smoking A Giant Blunt And Posting The Video On Instagram

What a move by Bronny James here. I actually respect him way more now just being a regular ass kid. Dad is out of the house in the bubble, it's time to party. That's just a move everyone pulled except bubble was a work conference in middle America instead for our dads. But the real question here is why post it? He's Bronny James. He knows that there are people constantly looking at his stories and if there's the slightest screw up it's going to get posted everywhere. I'd like to think he did it when the Lakers were up 11 at half just in case the Nuggets pulled off another comeback. Get ahead of the story of your dad choking for you smoking. 

What a run for Bronny lately though. Became a professional e-sports athlete 

And now trends on Twitter for smoking a giant ass blunt. The dude is having a hell of a time on Instagram

It's official. Bronny is 100% cooler than his dad.