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Former Pitt Hoops Star Carl Krauser Says He Was Asked To Shave Points In College And Played With Guys Who Did It For 'A Few Thousand Dollars

First things first these are serious allegations from Carl Krauser. At the same time it's not that shocking that people are shaving points for a few thousand bucks in college hoops. There are numerous stories of point shaving going back to the 40s and 50s. It's the easiest sport to target for something like this considering you're talking to college players, who aren't making money and feel like they should. So if it's $2,000 bucks that sounds more than enough to them to miss a few layups and give up a couple buckets to get inside the number. 

The sort of crazy part is when Krauser was at Pitt and these apparent point shaving games were happening, Pitt was good! They were a 2 seed, 3 seed, 9 seed and 5 seed during his 4 years. They made Sweet 16 twice. So you have guys playing big time games shaving the points. That's where this story gets interesting for me and obviously trying to find out who it was, what games and how many times it happened. From an NCAA standpoint there's really nothing they can do besides vacate wins, so again, nothing. Could you imagine being the guy asking Krauser to shave points only to be threatened to get your ass kicked? Probably not the best feeling going back to people saying Krauser was a no. 

I love how Krauser said he's not going to into it and save it for his book before getting very much into it. Talked himself right in to the details without even being asked a question. That's how you promote. 

PS: I know who 100% didn't shave points. Sam Young. You don't shave points with this pump fake