Mike Greenberg's Anti-Adam Gase Rant Takes Us Into the Weekend

Wow. All I can say is "wow." I had no idea Adam Gase's record was this bad.

ESPN's "Get UP!" doesn't make much in the way of waves. In fact, I can't remember the last time somebody even mentioned a thing that goes on their. But if they can produce more content like this rant of righteous indignation by Mike Greenberg, I'll consider tuning in. 

This is like the Jets fan version of Jon Stewart or Bill Maher when their rage is focused like a laser and they've got it set to "KILL." Only Greenberg probably has more facts to back up his argument than those two ever had. I for one hope Gase hangs onto the Jets head coaching job like a Supreme Court justice and we get to witness this level of outrage for the rest of our lives. Failing that, I look forward to them hiring the next Adam Gase.

So whatever else might be bothering you this weekend, try to comfort yourself with a reminder that you're not relying on Gase to fix your problems. The goddamned Jets.