The Blackhawks Have Reportedly Called The Coyotes About Goalie Darcy Kuemper

The Coyotes are rumored to be trying to move anyone over 25 years old with a contract and a pulse this off-season. Goalie Darcy Kuemper who is signed at a reasonable 4.5M through 2022 fits that description and apparently the Blackhawks are exploring other options because Corey Crawford doesn't like the 1 year deal he was offered. 

I am getting increasingly nervous about this offseason. I thought they'd be able to work something out with Crow and go from there. Crawford wanted more money. Just offer him more term. 2 years at 3 or 3.5 million. Make a deal. Now, apparently the back up plan is to give up assets for a more expensive and worse goalie. I think Kuemper is the ultimate "yeah, he's fine" type of guy. He played very well the last two years for an average team. Then the playoffs came around and his game dipped. I wonder how good he would've been if he played as a true #1(rather than a platoon like he did in AZ) and had to play behind the worst defensive team in the league. Would he have the .928sv% he had in the regular season or would he be the guy who struggled while under a constant barrage from the Avalanche? 

It's a legitimate question. Kuemper has never been a true stud goalie. Crawford has. Don't dick around and make a mistake that costs you a future asset that is needed because you were trying to save 500k or so on Crawford. Don't be cute, be good.