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Move Over Monster Mash- There's A New Halloween BANGER (Banger and Mash. Incredible Headline)

Look, it doesn't take a rock scientist to know that this song is fantastic. Earlier this week, Kanye talked about the plight of the artist and how they don't own their recording masters. Well, Nick here does. He owns them by the terms of the deal. One thousand dollars per 100 retweets. That's pretty damn good. The issue? Well, in my opinion, twitter users have become averse to the retweet. It's all favs and likes and shit like that. It makes it IMPOSSIBLE for people like Nick to earn money and, in this economy, earning money is no easy feet. I know that should be feat but, I used feet as an illusion to the song from I Think You Should Leave. Haven't heard it? Well, here you go. The bones are their money. Now, go marry your mother-in-law. 

Giphy Images.

PS. Before you say anything, yes; I meant rock scientist. Geologists are drastically underappreciated. I love rocks!