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Erik Spoelstra Reportedly Gets $120,000 For Every Playoff Game The Heat Win And Honestly It's Still Not The Amount He Deserves

I gotta admit it's rare that I say someone who makes $120,00 based on the outcome of just one game is underpaid, but Spo is the most disrespected coach in the NBA. Correction: he's the most disrespected great coach. People are finally coming around on him, but for the longest time it was 'well he only won because of LeBron, Wade and Bosh. What has he done since then?' Counterpoint: name an NBA coach that hasn't won with stars on their team. It goes hand in hand. Pop had Duncan, Phil had MJ, Pippen and then Shaq and Kobe. The only time you can kind of make that case is Larry Brown in 2004 but even then, Ben Wallace, Billups, Rip, Tayshaun and Rasheed ain't that shabby. The point is Spo is starting to get the credit he deserves and even more so during the first two games against the Celtics. He's running LAPS around Stevens - a guy everyone wants to give credit for being a great coach. He's mixing up the zone defense, he knows when to shorten the rotation like he did last night when he didn't play Iggy or Nunn in the second half. Shit, even focusing on the zone he's smart enough to put his wings up top to deflect passes and make it even tougher for Boston. 

How much is Spo loving life right now? The Heat have 10 wins, a nice little million dollar trip to the bubble for him no matter what else happens. He's getting all the credit again and the Heat seem to be set up for the future too with Butler, Bam and Herro as the core. Oh not to mention they are linked to signing Giannis. Pretty, pretty good.